The Great Motion Mission

Here’s an interesting book I was involved with. It’s the story of a boy who conspires with his uncle to convince their town NOT to replace their summer fairgrounds with a physics research centre. They think physics is dumb and of no use to anyone. But the girl next door is big on science and points out how everything involves physics–including music, sports, the weather, roller coasters, skateboarding and more.

The Great Motion Mission was published in Fall of 2009 by Annick Press and is aimed at kids aged 9 to 12. It was written by Cora Lee, who previously wrote a similar book about mathematics entitled The Great Number Rumble.

The book received Honorable Mention in the Youth Book under 16 Years category, for the Science in Society Book Award, from the Canadian Science Writers’ Association!

Here’s a look at some of the 60+ spot illustrations I did for the book…

Copyright © 2009 Cora Lee & Steve Rolston