Seeing Red

Hey look! I illustrated another educational kids book!

Some people faint at the sight of blood while others eat black pudding or sip blood soup. Some can’t think of it without hearing the faint rustle of a vampire’s cape. Others rush to see the latest gory horror film. Why does blood hold such emotional power?

Around the world, blood has always been a symbol of both life and death: blood rites, blood oaths, and blood-soaked legends. Today, we have scientific facts about blood types, transfusions, blood-borne illnesses, and crime-scene blood spatter. Yet the fluid still holds mystery.

Open this book to learn about the symbolism and reality of blood, from its role in ancient sacrifices to its uses in modern medicine and forensics.

Striking black-and-red illustrations appear throughout, with each chapter introduced in comic-book style by young Harker, a goth narrator with a worrisome relish for all things bloody. As Seeing Red reveals, blood continues to make us cringe while holding us in its thrall.

Seeing Red was published in Spring of 2012 by Annick Press and is aimed at kids aged 9 to 12. It was written by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, whose other kids books include The Lowdown on Denim and 50 Burning Questions: A Sizzling History of Fire.

Here’s a look at just a few of the 19 comic pages and 50+ spot illustrations I did for the book…