Queen & Country

Queen & Country definitive edition vol. 1Published by Oni Press, QUEEN & COUNTRY is an espionage comic book from the pen of acclaimed writer Greg Rucka (WHITEOUT, DETECTIVE COMICS). The series focusses on a British intelligence agent known as Tara Chace.

Heavily inspired by an old British tv series called THE SANDBAGGERS, this comic focusses on the less glamorous, grim reality of espionage. Unlike James Bond, Tara Chace can’t dodge a million bullets. And if she kills someone with one of her bullets, she has to deal with the consequences — both emotional and political. You think your office politics are bad? Imagine what it’s like for an agent in the Special Ops section of the British intelligence service. Trust us, it’s no walk in the park.

Each arc of the comic series features a different artist and I had the privilege of being the first. Those first four issues earned QUEEN & COUNTRY the Best New Series award at the 2002 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. It was also nominated for Best Continuing Series and Best Serialized Story. And I was nominated for the Russ Manning award for Most Promising Newcomer — a great honour, especially for someone’s first major comic book work.

I also returned to the series to illustrate issue #25, a special double-sized issue. The entire series is now available in four Definitive Edition collections that also include the DECLASSIFIED spin-off series.

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“You really need a copy of this… it’s bloody good.” – Warren Ellis