Elective cyborging has become an underground subculture in the mode of piercing, branding or tattooing today. The technology used to effect this is called, simply, MEK. Metal fetishism. These aren’t your clean-lined cyborgs of videogames and the Six Million Dollar Man. These are weird, spiky, buzzing, sexy, scary, transgressive people. Like any youth culture in its early iteration, it’s kind of unsettling.

The founder of the MEK movement is Sarissa Leon, who has become a celebrity of the new fad. She returns to Sky Road, the place where MEK first took off, after learning of the murder of her former lover and fellow MEK pioneer RJ Coin. Leon discovers that Sky Road is now the center of “bad MEK”, which involves implanting black market weapons and stolen military technology. Leon attempts to find Coin’ murderer, while trying to clean up Sky Road.

Three-issue comic series written by Warren Ellis, pencilled by Steve Rolston, inked by Al Gordon and coloured by David Baron. Published in 2003 by DC/Wildstorm under their Homage imprint. It was later collected as a flipbook graphic novel along with another Warren Ellis comic, RELOAD.