Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist

Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist painted coverJack and Tony are two beer-lovin’ guys who spend a LOT of their time drinking and playing pool at their favourite pub. They also love a good bar brawl. And don’t under-estimate Tony. He may be a penguin but he can pack one heck of a punch!

These two tough guys represent my first endeavour after deciding to quit my storyboard job and pursue a career in comic books. They first appeared in a pair of animated motion comics that I created with the assistance of S. Steven Struble (writer of Li’l Depressed Boy). I did the writing and drawing while Struble tackled the colouring and Flash work.

We later collected these and other short Jack & Tony stories into a 32-page comic called JACK SPADE & TONY TWO-FIST #1, published by Struble’s Cartoon Militia imprint. These stories include some of my earliest comic book work, having created the characters in 1998.

Readers with a keen eye may have spotted Tony Two-Fist’s cameo appearances in many other comic books I’ve illustrated over the years.