Patreon Hiatus

Project Status: HIATUS

A little over a year ago I started a Patreon account so people could get a sneak peek and support me as I worked on a new comic called TRAPEZIUS PEPPER. But the project has been on “semi-hiatus” for the past 8 months as I’ve been busy working full-time as a storyboard artist.

It’s time for me to officially bump our status to “HIATUS” with a capital H.

The storyboard work has been going really well. I’m improving my storytelling skills and paying bills while I’m at it. The downside is that it doesn’t leave me with much time or energy to put toward my own projects.

I don’t know how long the hiatus will last but my current plan is to stick with storyboarding for a while longer. I want to get the loan sharks off my tail before I take another gamble on creator-owned comics. So I’ll be putting this project on the backburner until I can properly dedicate my time to it.

The Patreon account is going to stay online so people can still see the practice pages and process posts I created for it. Feel free to sign up and pledge at the $1 level so you can see all the posts. You won’t be charged! I’ll make sure to give everyone plenty of warning when the hiatus ends and it’s time to start charging for new content.

I’m very grateful to those who have already shown an interest and given me their support. Know that I WILL be returning to this project. I have a bunch of ideas for stories and games in the world of TRAPEZIUS PEPPER and I’ll be tinkering with those ideas whenever I get a chance.

Thanks for checking out what I’ve done so far!

Doors of Copenhagen

Doors of Copenhagen

I was in Denmark for the holidays and while there I spent some time wandering the streets of Copenhagen. I got in the habit of stopping to take a photo whenever I saw an interesting door. Some of the elements and details you see here are what I’m hoping to infuse into the architecture of my next comic, Trapezius Pepper.

In particular, I expect I’ll be drawing plenty of tall double-doors to accommodate the bears who live among the humans in the fictional city of Stoutsburg. I’m still debating how many buildings will have tiny doors as well, to make things easier on the raccoon citizens.

You can find out more about the comic by visiting its Patreon page:

INKtober 2014 Wrap-Up

INKtober 2014 Wrap-Up

I just got a chance to compile all of last month’s #INKtober sketches into one big image. These are all characters who will likely show up in the Trapezius Pepper story that I’m currently trying to wrap my brain around (in addition to some of the characters I drew during previous #INKtober challenges). I do like having this visual representation of Stoutsburg’s citizens to help me keep track of everybody. I’m tempted to pin all these mugshots onto my wall and use string & post-it notes to chart everyone’s relationships and affiliations. Conspiracy walls aren’t JUST for detectives and crazy people, right?

Watch Me Draw This Wednesday

Watch me Draw on Livestream

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I Just Launched a Patreon


You may have seen me talk about a comic idea of mine called TRAPEZIUS PEPPER. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to write & draw for quite a few years now. A series of comics revolving around a writer-turned-gambler in a city filled with crime, corruption, mystery and, of course, talking bears and raccoons.

I’m getting serious about it now and have created a Patreon page so people can show support for the project by kicking in a little bit of money each month.

With this Patreon, I’m going to take TRAPEZIUS PEPPER from a collection of scattered ideas and form it into an ongoing webcomic series launching later this year. Since I’m still experimenting with the visual style and character designs, I’m going to start off by drawing some one-page comics to get a feel for it. And I’ll be giving my Patreon supporters exclusive early access to that work for as little as $1 a month.

Patrons who pledge at least $3 will also get access to Creative Process posts where I show off and discuss how each page comes together. Go on, head on over to my Patreon page to find out more! And spread the word!


If you want more of a taste, you can download my digital #INKtober sketchbook, RACCOONS & HUMANS & BEARS, OH MY!, which is a collection of character designs I was exploring for the TRAPEZIUS PEPPER stories.

Introducing Trapezius Pepper

Trapezius Pepper concept

Here’s a drawing I did back in August. A bit of concept art for a comic project I’ve had simmering on the backburner for many years now. In a nutshell, it’s a series of noir-ish stories about a writer-turned-gambler named Trapezius Pepper. And yes, there are humanized raccoons and bears in this world. Because I wanted to draw some raccoons and bears up to no good, that’s why.

This is my favourite piece of Trapezius art so far but I hadn’t shared it because I’m still not sure if these are the right character designs or even the right art style for the project. And I’ve always been hesitant to share or commit to anything that isn’t yet RIGHT.

I acknowledge that flaw in my personality and I’m trying to get over it. I’m also trying to gain some momentum on this project. I’m a slow artist and an even slower writer. So I’m hoping that mentioning it publicly will shame me into finding the time, energy and focus to make some more progress on it.

Right now it’s just a personal project with no publisher or concrete plans. I’m still piecing my ideas together and trying to make sense of it all. Plus, I’m still focussed on wrapping up another job and hunting for something to pay the bills after that.

So I have no clue when you’ll see a finished product or how much I’ll be sharing along the way but feel free to bug me about it every once in a while.

EDIT — I’ve now launched a Patreon where supporters can follow my progress as I work on the comic: