Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Chris Bourassa, the artist behind the new game DARKEST DUNGEON, asked me to do a pin-up to celebrate its release. I said HELL YEAH! So here’s my attempt to capture a crew of treasure-seekers delving into the depths of horror known as the Darkest Dungeon!

The game is a challenging gothic RPG about the stresses of dungeon crawling. You will lead a band of heroes on a perilous side-scrolling descent, dealing with a prodigious number of threats to their bodily health, and worse, a relentless assault on their mental fortitude! Five hundred feet below the earth you will not only fight unimaginable foes, but famine, disease, and the stress of the ever-encroaching dark. Darkest Dungeon focuses on the humanity and psychological vulnerability of the heroes and asks: What emotional toll does a life of adventure take?

DARKEST DUNGEON is available now on Steam Early Access.


I just updated the website with proper pages for Zoopnium and PicturePages–two iOS apps I did illustrations for in the past couple years. And I’ve also unearthed some much older work that I know you haven’t seen: ECOMANIA!

Way back in 2008 I was approached by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to do the character art for a Sony PSP game they were developing. It was going to be a strategic adventure game, akin to Phoenix Wright, where you’re President of the World and have to solve the World’s Climate Crisis.

Unfortunately the game was “temporarily” shelved so that its development team could focus on another project. And Ecomania stayed on that shelf, gathering dust in a comatose state, until I was recently informed that the entire team had moved on from Sony and the project was officially dead.

The bright side of the project’s death is that I now have their blessing to show off some of the work I did all those years ago. It was a fun project and my contacts there, Pete Giles and James Shepherd, were a pleasure to work with.

So enjoy this peek at some of the characters you would have interacted with if Ecomania had ever become a real video game.

Ecomania Misc Ecomania Enviro Male Ecomania Sketches 1 Ecomania Popstars Ecomania Sketches 2