My Carded Haul

I managed to sneak out to Hot Art Wet City’s CARDED! show for a little bit on Saturday night. It was quite hopping. It was so crowded that I actually had to wait a few minutes to get in as the space had reached capacity. But I made it in, got a stack of trading cards with my drawing on ’em and started trading away.

Here’s a look at my haul. I was mostly interested in getting more of my cards into the crowd but I did manage to score some nice trades. I put my favourites on top of the pile — by M W Bowen, Exploding Haggis, Frazer Adams and Brandon Cotter.

Carded! 2013 trading cards

I never did see the one card I was looking for: a raccoon fellow by Tony Cliff. Well, I saw it displayed on the wall but not in the hands of anyone willing to give it up. There were some other swell cards I missed out on by Dacosta! and Suite Charlie. Congratulations to anyone who walked home with one of those.

As for my card, it featured a dude who’s been on this blog before:Carded! 2013 trading card by Steve Rolston

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If you’re in Vancouver tonight, you should head down to the CARDED! show, buy a pack of trading cards and trade with other people until you get one of mine! That’s right, you can get your very own Steve Rolston trading card!

Check it all out from 8-11pm at the Hot Art Wet City gallery, 2206 Main Street (& 6th Ave). It’s only happening tonight, Saturday, April 6th!

The creators of Hot One Inch Action present CARDED! a one-night only show of art reproduced on trading cards. The work of fifty artists is presented on trading cards and made available for art lovers to collect and trade. These 2.5″x3.5″ cards are displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy random cards in mixed packs of five for $5. If you purchase a pack that doesn’t have your desired card, get into some fast paced trading action with the people around you. How bad do you want that card!?

Featuring: Miguel Abreu, Fraser Adams, Russell Alton, i Heart, Danielle Borisoff, MW Bowen, Jenn Brisson, Ali Bruce, Paul Antony Carr, Suite Charlie, Tony Cliff, Ben Z Cooper, Brandon Cotter, Dacosta!, DEDOS, Heather Douglas, Carelle B Dunn, Krystian Guevara, Exploding Haggis, Andrea Hooge, Clare Hooper, Serena “Binky” Inman, Lindsay Ishihiro, Kalynn Kallweit, Jackie Klobucar, Framed Fiend (Artem Kuznetsov), Rich Lehl, Justin Longoz, Becky McEachern, Soizick Meister, Josué Menjivar, Jenna Milsom, Hannah Myers, Howard Penning, Nicole Pinkerton, Joel Rich, Steve Rolston, Mika Senda, Jay Senetchko, Kazimir Simpson, Joseph Taormina, Cherry Thompson, Robin Thompson, Amy Tom, Justin Totemical, Mandy Tsung, andyvanoverberghe, Chris von Szombathy, Aaron White, Ben Worth