HitRECord Emmy

HitRECord on TV Emmy Card


This card showed up in my mail the other day, thanking me for my contribution to HitRECord on TV’s Emmy win for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media.

For those who don’t know, HitRECord is an online collaborative art community started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt back in 2005. It’s since evolved into a production company that makes books, short films, music and a variety show from the creations that its 80,000+ users upload and remix.

I haven’t had time to contribute anything to the HitRECord community in quite a while but I’m glad it’s still active and stronger than ever, fueled by Joe’s infective creative spirit.

If any of you out there are looking for a place to share your artwork/stories/photos/music/poetry/animation/editing skills and you want to see what others can transform those creations into, go hit up HitRECord. It’s also a great place to riff on other people’s ideas. Anyone can contribute.

And I see Season 1 of HitRECord on TV is now available on Netflix! If you see a herringbone pattern in any of the HitRECord stuff, there’s a decent chance it’s one I drew.


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