INKtober 2014

It’s that time of year again! Keeping up the #INKtober tradition, I’ll be creating an inked drawing every day in October. I’m sticking with my technique of doing 3″x3″ head shots, which is usually manageable even on busy days.

In previous years I drew a bunch of random characters to see if I could come up with any designs that might fit in the Trapezius Pepper comic I was wanting to work on. In 2012 I focussed on human characters and in 2013 I focussed on bears and raccons. This year I’ll be tackling humans AND bears AND raccoons. And now that I’m picking up steam on the comic and have gotten further into the writing of it, I thought I’d focus on specific characters I know will be in the story.

This first sketch is of Trapezius himself. You can never get too much practice drawing your protagonist.


If you want to see more concept stuff from the Trapezius Pepper comic while I’m still working on it, check out my Patreon and consider becoming a patron:

I’ll do a round-up blog post at the end of the month but if you want to see my INKtober drawings every day, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr.

Each of the original drawings will be available to purchase as soon as they’re posted on my Instagram. You can get one for $10 USD via Paypal (includes shipping). These inked drawings are on 3″ x 3″ pieces of bristol board, signed on the back. Email me at to call dibs.

You can also check this blog post to see which original art from previous years is still available:

And if you want a nice collection of my 2012 & 2013 INKtober drawings. you can get a digital version (pay-what-you-want PDF) from Gumroad or you can order a physical booklet from my Etsy Shop.

If you’re an artist, I hope to see you join in on the #INKtober challenge. And I hope the rest of you enjoy the show!

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