One Bad Review

I just stumbled across Hansel Castro‘s unflattering review of my 2003 graphic novel One Bad Day and I think I’m in love with it:

One Bad Day cover“I recall Steve Rolston’s artwork for Greg Rucka’s “Queen and Country” never impressed me: the simple cartooning was at odds with the maturity of the story. He draws and writes for his own graphic novel, 2003′s “One Bad Day.” It’s a fluffy, familiar Hitchockian tale. Marie Leblanc is a “wrong woman” who inherits a singularly unimpressive McGuffin” and is pursued by varied thugs and a killer with the heartless name of Tinman. (That the Tinman has a clingy girlfriend that shows up at the scene of his hits is the novel’s most clever idea.) Ed Brubaker described this as “Slacker Noir”, which is about right: this is noir (albeit printed in green ink), and it’s not trying too hard.”


It’s a somewhat brutal review but I can agree with most of it. I mean, I definitely tried my best but not everyone’s first graphic novel is going to be solid gold. One Bad Day is out of print but I still have some copies available in my Etsy Shop if you want to judge this “good enough” comic for yourself.


  1. Awww, man, I didn’t mean for it to be brutal :-/ I remember the book fondly! If it makes you feel better I hesitated between “GOOD ENOUGH” or “COOL” ratings… I couldn’t in good conscience say it was a MASTERPIECE! Alright, I’ll shut up, I’m making it worse. I feel so guilty I’m buying Ghost Projekt, like, right now.

    • steverolston says

      No worries. I liked your blunt honesty. I was also amused by the “Good Enough” rating because it bears a certain resemblance to the Rolston family motto, “Thus and Perhaps Better”. But you should still read Ghost Projekt, which I believe to be a stronger work.

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