Introducing Trapezius Pepper

Trapezius Pepper concept

Here’s a drawing I did back in August. A bit of concept art for a comic project I’ve had simmering on the backburner for many years now. In a nutshell, it’s a series of noir-ish stories about a writer-turned-gambler named Trapezius Pepper. And yes, there are humanized raccoons and bears in this world. Because I wanted to draw some raccoons and bears up to no good, that’s why.

This is my favourite piece of Trapezius art so far but I hadn’t shared it because I’m still not sure if these are the right character designs or even the right art style for the project. And I’ve always been hesitant to share or commit to anything that isn’t yet RIGHT.

I acknowledge that flaw in my personality and I’m trying to get over it. I’m also trying to gain some momentum on this project. I’m a slow artist and an even slower writer. So I’m hoping that mentioning it publicly will shame me into finding the time, energy and focus to make some more progress on it.

Right now it’s just a personal project with no publisher or concrete plans. I’m still piecing my ideas together and trying to make sense of it all. Plus, I’m still focussed on wrapping up another job and hunting for something to pay the bills after that.

So I have no clue when you’ll see a finished product or how much I’ll be sharing along the way but feel free to bug me about it every once in a while.

EDIT — I’ve now launched a Patreon where supporters can follow my progress as I work on the comic:

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