Warm-Up Drawings

I think it’s safe to say that doing some warm-up drawings before you start your real work is a good habit for an artist to get into. It gets your creative juices flowing and shakes off the cobwebs before you start drawing something that matters. A couple years ago I started doing this and I got some positive results from it, including some character designs I’m keen to play with some more.

However, it’s also safe to say that I’m not good at sticking with good habits. In this case, I believe I got overwhelmed by deadlines and that sense of “Oh god, I don’t have time to make any marks on paper other than what’s paying the bills!” Which is an easy mentality to fall into but is ultimately counter-productive.

Eventually I did start filling up pages with warm-up drawings again but that didn’t last too long as I then got myself a tablet monitor and switched to drawing digitally. So now any warm-ups I do are typically done digitally in Manga Studio. I’m still working on making that a more regular habit.

The point of all this is that I’ve had an incomplete page of warm-up drawings sitting around for ages and I finally filled it in. So I thought I’d post that new page along with all the old ones that came before it. Enjoy!

Warm-up Drawing 10

Warm-up Drawing 9   Warm-up Drawing 8   Warm-up Drawing 7
Warm-up Drawing 6   Warm-up Drawing 5   Warm-up Drawing 4
Warm-up Drawing 3   Warm-up Drawing 2   Warm-up Drawing 1

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