New Website!

After years of dragging my feet, I’ve finally relaunched my website! The last version of this site was sloppily coded by myself way back in 2003. Ten years ago! Yeesh! And since I’ve barely learned anything new about website design in the past decade, my talented girlfriend Noble Beast has been lending her formidable skills to the task. We’re still working out the kinks and will be adding more fanciness and content in the near future but I wanted to launch it on my birthday… so Happy Birthday to ME!

As you can see, we’ve integrated my blog directly into the website (good riddance, LiveJournal) and you can subscribe to an RSS feed of these posts. The rest of the site is also much easier to update, so I’ll be able to keep the content more current than I used to.

I’m also decommissioning my old Yahoo mailing list and replacing it with a shiny new one via MailChimp. To get these infrequent updates about new releases, convention appearances or other exciting news, go to the bottom of any page on my website and sign up!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you keep coming back!


  1. Ha … I remember when you were the webmaster for Biohazard Comics.

    On a different note, BAM Too! is done and ready to go to print. Only 18 years after the Assorted Meats ashcan.

    • steverolston says

      Hey, congrats on completing BAM Too! I hope it feels good to hold the finished thing in your hand, like Assorted Meats did for me way back when.

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