Finished Noodlin’


Here’s that finished dude I drew up in Manga Studio. I added the shading and background texture in Photoshop. I’m just dabbling in Manga Studio Debut 4 for now and I’m not inclined to explore shading/colouring until I can get my hands on Manga Studio 5. And I’d rather wait until it’s available as a digital purchase (screw shipping costs). Hopefully that won’t be too far off, since I’m interested to explore some of the features Debut 4 doesn’t have, like perspective rulers. That’s something I’d definitely need if I were to draw actual comic pages.

And while I’m growing more comfortable with drawing on my Intuos tablet, there’s still a certain awkwardness that I know would be minimized if I had a tablet monitor like a Cintiq or Yiynova. Consider those added to my wishlist, in case anyone’s yearning to throw fancy gifts at me.

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